NSK Arts & Culture


Nairobi Street Kitchen is a multi-sensory experience featuring 11 innovative restaurants, a rooftop bar, entertainment space, and a craft marketplace. But did you know that we also have a huge appetite for art? Hosting some of the city’s best-known and emerging live bands, sculptors, painters, and pop-up vendors, we bring an eclectic mix of the region’s most exciting figures in food, drink, art, and music together under one roof.

Throughout our space, whether it’s the fresh collection of artwork that greets you at the entryway, the edgy urban murals that infuse your dining experience with a bold flair of design and colour, or the contemporary entertainment acts taking center stage at our rooftop bar, we have created a diverse platform that celebrates, uplifts, and supports our home-grown creatives.


Bees with Stories’ is the first brand of bee products sourced exclusively from Africa, enabling African beekeepers to sell their products to customers around the world. They aim to transform African beekeeping to produce a social impact for the beekeepers while promoting biodiversity.

Since 2018, BwS has been working with over 1600 beekeepers from Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mauritius and Tanzania. Their collaboration with NSK has allowed them to expand their project to Kenya and start working with Kenyan beekeepers from Makueni and Baringo Counties.

NSK is BwS' first physical point of sale. They couldn't have asked for a more outstanding venue for their debut!