April 7, 2021

The Faces Behind The Brushes

Meet The Artists of Nairobi Street Kitchen

Nairobi Street Kitchen is a multifaceted eatery that brings together homegrown art, food, music, and drink in new and exciting ways! Our welcoming and beautifully designed space engages guests meaningfully through a bespoke local art collection, graffiti-inspired murals, and music festivals, along with the enjoyment of all-day dining and drinking.

We Are A Proud Collective of Artists

Art, creativity, and community are the driving forces behind our city and our lives as humans, which is why we invited a group of well-established and rising Kenyan artists, skilled in everything from sculpting to illustrations and beyond, to grace our space with their incredible visual genius.

Some of the artists we have collaborated with include:

Lulu Kitololo


Lulu Kitololo is an artist, illustrator, and designer. Her earliest memory of intentionally making art was from the age of 5. Problem-solving and storytelling are at the root of her passion for creativity. Her signature aesthetic includes soulful, hand-drawn illustrations, quirky hand-lettering, pattern, and lots of color!

Lulu’s Creative Journey and Inspiration

For over 10 years, Lulu has been running an independent creative studio that offers branding, graphic recording, illustration, and mural painting. Her impressive list of clients include The Africa Union, The African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF), and more!

What Lulu Has to Say

“Explore and take time to find your artistic voice. By getting clear on what you want to be known for, it becomes easier to find opportunities that resonate with what you want to do.”

Patti & Yvonne Endo (Endo²)


Endo² is a Kenyan apparel and accessories brand run by sisters Yvonne and Patti Endo. Initially starting off as an Instagram and Tumblr page to showcase Patti’s work and their fashion, Endo² has now grown into a brand showcasing Patti’s art on different products.

Patti & Yvonne’s Creative Journey and Inspiration

The minimalist theme, brush pens, and inks used in the pieces pay homage to their Japanese roots, whereas the inspiration to bring the brand to life was drawn from their life in Nairobi. Patti’s continuous line work is inspired by icons such as Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, and Henri Matisse. Some of their most exciting collaborations have been with brands such as Sandstorm and Lila Bare.

What Patti & Yvonne Have to Say

“The Endos attribute their brand’s growth to the support of their peers, and most importantly sisterhood. Their hope is to inspire women to go for their dreams, as well as motivate them to stay true to themselves and stand out from the crowd the best way they know how.”



Bhupi Jethwa, widely recognized as WiseTwo, is a Kenyan multi-disciplinary artist. His journey into the world of street art and graffiti began in the high-density areas of Kibera and Jericho. In 2012, WiseTwo commenced his nomadic journey around the world, taking his art to over 15 countries.

WiseTwo’s Creative Journey and Inspiration

WiseTwo has created a plethora of work including collages, watercolours, paintings, and large-scale murals. Each of WiseTwo’s artwork invokes a feeling of psychedelic trance and acts as a premise for important questions about life, culture, race, and identity. His artwork can be found in private and public collections including Converse Head Offices (Mexico City), Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, and Goldstein Law Offices (Los Angeles, CA.)

What WiseTwo Has to Say

“My artwork takes a critical view of social and cultural issues, often referencing ancient civilisations and the invisible connection between people and cultures. My work reproduces familiar signs and arranges them into new conceptually layered murals and paintings.”

Elijah Ogira


One of Kenya’s most influential sculptors, Elijah Ogira demonstrates an incredible transformative power over tree-stumps, trunks, branches, and roots, transforming them into semi-abstract and functional works of art. His work has been exhibited in popular art centers and he has been a regular at Gallery Watatu, Kuona Trust, and Paa ya Paa Art Center.

Elijah’s Creative Journey and Inspiration

Ever mindful of the environment, Elijah only works with found wood and is careful never to do any damage to living trees when creating one-of-a-kind pieces. He has found incredible success working with wood he has foraged from various spaces including people’s homes, construction sites, local beaches, and forests.

Sara Londono


Sara is a designer from  Medellín, Colombia who is inspired by life, nature, love, and happiness. The positiveness, brightness, and colour of her work is designed to make people feel happy and energized. Sara’s art is colourful and rich in textures, character, and the unique stories that inspire them.

Sara’s Creative Journey and Inspiration

Sara believes that art and creativity are in her veins and present in her everyday life. Her portfolio of work is diverse and includes a 98 meter wall in Medellín, inspired by women, a 2-floor building designed around coffee and botanicals, and the Mumbai-inspired bus at Nairobi Street Kitchen.

What Sara Has to Say

“To all the younger artists out there, I would advise that you believe in the unique voice we all have deep within us. It’s also through practice that we improve ourselves and promote our own work.”



Kallaz is a fast-rising Kenyan artist who brings excitement and flavour to everything he does. Kallaz  believes that colour brings life to any picture. It makes it appealing, interesting, and attractive. He defines his art as a way of expression: it is a medium through which he expresses his innermost thoughts and views.

Kallaz’s Creative Journey and Inspiration

Kallaz started his career in 2014 as a matatu artist and throughout his journey, he has experienced a lot of challenges. These have only served to build, strengthen, and diversify his talents. Through his unrelenting passion, he has moved onto bigger and more exciting projects, including a partnership with Kenya Originals.

What Kallaz Has to Say

“Art is the only way you can express your thoughts, views, and opinions vividly and in a way that is more appealing and easier to understand. The journey as an artist is a process – one that is full of challenges, but as they say: experience is the best teacher.”

Edwin Wainaina


Edwin Wainaina is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Nairobi. His work consists of vibrant colours, quirky elements, and deep meanings based on the ins and outs of daily life.

Edwin’s Creative Journey and Inspiration

An aspiring illustrator and artist, Edwin has had a passion for art since he was 7 and takes it very seriously. He has worked on a number of projects, one of which includes the cafe art at The Grind Cafe in Wilson Airport. Throughout his journey, he keeps his mother’s motto close to his heart: Dream. Desire. Vision.

What Edwin Has to Say

“To all the aspiring artists out there, it’s a cliché but seriously: do what you love. If you weren’t getting paid for what you’re doing, would you still do it? To my younger self, I would say: never let people dim your light.”

Nzilani Simu

Nzilani Simu is a visual artist specializing in illustration, hand-lettering, infographics, identity design, and visual advocacy.

Nzilani’s Creative Journey and Inspiration

he finds inspiration in the African landscape from animals to plants and flowers, and enjoys learning and conveying these stories in her art. Her hand-lettering practice moves her through music lyrics to inspirational quotes. Her art brand Kulula (IG @_kulula) is an outlet for creative expression where she also sells her art goods and holds occasional workshops.

What Nzilani Has to Say

“It was great to have been part of a new and awesome emerging space in Nairobi.”

We Are A Proud Collective of Artists

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