November 28, 2022

A Beautiful Roadside Affair: Take a Bite Out of India’s Street Food Culture

From masala chai to pani puri; from parathas to vada pav, Indian Street Food is a journey that no true-blue foodie should miss out on. When looking back upon its history, you’ll come across vendors who claim to have served the Mughal Kings (who are we to say any different?) while others place the beginnings of the tradition with Mumbai factory cooks. Using the day’s leftover vegetables and spices, they would create delicious, affordable meals for workers heading home after the midnight shift.  

Why Do People Love Indian Street Food So Much?  

Whatever the origins, there is no doubt that when it comes to street food, India tops the charts. From pani puris, affectionately known as the flavorful bombs of Bengal, to chole bhature, a spicy and hearty chickpea curry, Indian street food is an assault on all the senses, in the best way possible.  


These aromatic, bright, and delicious treats are as diverse and colorful as the country itself. Known for their authentic taste, variety, and easy accessibility, they have quickly become a worldwide sensation.  


Some of the reasons why Indian street food has seen such a quick global rise include:  


  1. It Brings People Together. Street food opens the doors for people of all cultures, class, and races to share and enjoy a delicious meal. In doing so, it becomes a universal language for people to cherish their unity and diversity.  


  1. It’s Authentic. Indian street food may surprise you with some modern twists now and then, but in most cases, the focus remains strongly on traditional flavor. The simplicity and original recipes are delicately and respectfully preserved so you can discover the rich history behind every delicious (and spicy!) bite.  


  1. It Offers Unmatched Diversity. Almost every country has its own street food traditions, from the Pad Thai stalls in Thailand to the tamales and tacos of Mexico, but the diversity of Indian street food makes it special. From bhel puris and speakeasy sandwiches, to thali spreads and banana-leaf steamed fish, India is home to an extraordinary smorgasbord of street food across its twenty nine states.  


  1. It’s a Sensory Experience. There is more to Indian street food than meets the eye – it’s a true treat for all your senses. You’ll witness the cooking process, smell the food and hear the sounds all at once. You aren’t just touching or tasting it, but experiencing it as a whole when observing the fresh quality of ingredients, the expert way the food is handled, and the pure joy of creating a dish out of love.  


Welcome to Desi Loco 

It’s a true spectacle over here at Desi Loco! With the authentic flavors of India and the vibrant energy of the markets, railways, and streets, Desi Loco brings a one-of-a-kind dining experience to Kenya. We have a passion to eat, a passion to cook, and a passion to share – so come on in and fill your belly with all the crunchy, tangy, and delightful Indian street snacks you want!  


While our lively space evokes the feel of old-world, urban India, our modern dishes, craft cocktails, and bright pink Mumbai-inspired dining bus brings a whole load of fun to the diverse and flavorful cuisine. Here, you’re not just a bystander. Our food is fresh and prepared right in front of you, making you an important part of the process.  

Take Your Taste Buds on an Adventure Like No Other   

Desi Loco calls up the aromas and taste of foods found on India’s iconic bustling streets and you can begin that discovery right in the heart of Nairobi. To find out more or to book your table today, contact us at +254 707 800 800 or